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BCNA can help you establish or improve your credit with a credit enhancement loan of $500-$2,000. We also provide FREE one-on-one consultation and FREE credit enhancement workshops which will teach you how to understand your credit report and credit score, improve your credit and correct errors in your credit report.

A good credit score can save you more than $200,000 over the course of your lifetime.

Loan Requirements and Costs

Interest Rates and Fees

  • 8.25% interest rate
  • $25 application fee
  • 2% closing fee
  • 6-12 month terms

Apply now by completing our quick and easy online application form. If you have any questions, call a staff member below for help.

Example Amortization Table - Credit Building Loans

Loan AmountTermRateApproximate Monthly Payment
$5006 months8.25%$85.36
$1,00012 months8.25%$87.10
$2,00012 months8.25%$174.21

Our Loan Staff

Calvin Fletcher
Manger of Refugee Program, Loan Officer
212 898 4126

Juan González
Senior Loan Officer
Manhattan (M-W) 212 898 4167
Queens (Th-F) 845 241 3691

Speaks Spanish

Tshering Gurung
Manager of Business Development & Training Coordinator
347 730 6468
Speaks Nepali, Hindi, Nyeshang and Tibetan

Zachariah Logan
Loan Officer
212 898 4125
Speaks African dialects of Liberian Coloqua, Bassa and Kru


I was shocked to discover that my credit report listed over $30,000 in debts that were not mine! BCNA’s staff  helped me correct the error, enrolled me in classes on how to improve my credit score, and provided one-on-one review of my credit report. I can now sleep better at night!”

Ibrahim Ba, Business Owner

What a BCNA Loan Could Cost You

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